Canon 6D – Konica Hexanon 50mm f1.4 – flowers

There’s something fascinating about shooting a manual lens on a modern camera. Instead of relying on the camera to do all the work, one must think about the aperture, ISO and shutter speed and set things accordingly. Oh, one can still let the camera decide on ISO and shutter speed if one so desires, but the aperture is pretty much a manual decision to take.

Yesterday I wandered into a corner of the park that I don’t normally go, at least not from the angle in which I entered it, and came across a couple of blooms that caught my eye. So it was back to the house to grab the camera and then try and capture what I saw. At first things were going badly, the camera simply wouldn’t focus! Oh, that’s right! The diopter was set up for my eye – which was trying to peer through my eye glass lens, for which the diopter was NOT set up!!! Duh! OK. Off come the glasses and voilá! Focus! Sort of. The light wasn’t that good as we were under a mango tree near sunset. But with a bit of consideration and using live view to bring things up closer via the magnifying function, FINALLY I managed a couple of usable pics.

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