New Year – New Projects

2024 has got a running start on this photo blog! The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy – but full of blessing in our ministry as we’ve found ways to serve others and exalt the name of our Redeemer. The time of year in which we celebrate the coming of The Christ has always been a favorite time for us, but it also gets quite busy and some activities such as this blog get set aside. However, during the last month of the year we also started a new project. We opened a new Instagram (TM) account for the local church, an account to which we’ve been posting daily images containing a “Proverb of the Day”. If you’re interested in such, look up and follow @icr.pereira on Instagram (TM). All images there are originals from PWM Photography, although they may not have been published on this blog. “This is my Father’s world!” and “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” are the guiding thoughts behind this account. So although we started in December, here’s the first images from January 2024, all are sized for use on Instagram.

We are using the following hashtags as well:


Que nunca te abandonen el amor y la verdad: llévalos siempre alrededor de tu cuello y escríbelos en la tabla de tu corazón.  Contarás con el favor de Dios y tendrás buen nombre entre la gente.  ~ Proberbios 3:3-4
No sigas la senda de los perversos ni vayas por el camino de los malvados. ¡Evita ese camino! ¡No pases por él! ¡Aléjate de allí y sigue de largo!  ~ Proverbios 4:14-15
¡Bendita sea tu fuente! ¡Sé feliz con la esposa de tu juventud! Es una gacela amorosa, es una cierva encantadora. ¡Que sus pechos te satisfagan siempre! ¡Que su amor te cautive todo el tiempo!  ~ Proverbios 5:18-19

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