The Helios 44 58mm f/2 rides again

During a trip to Europe on business, our son took time to pick up an old Zenit camera for me. It came with a Helios 44 58mm f/2 lens and was from the 60’s. The camera needs a good cleaning, lubing and adjusting, but with a bit of persuasion the lens functions nicely now. While waiting for him to get time to come visit I put in an order and received an RAF Camera M39X1F to Canon EF adapter. Yes, that’s right. These older Zenit Helios lenses are NOT M42 thread, nor are they Leica M39 thread. They’re their own beast and it behooves one to obtain the proper adapter – so we did.

With lens mounted to the Canon EOS 6D I’ve been shooting around the area, but not until today have I had time to sit down and sort through the pics. Here’s some from today’s shoot.

Yes, playing with sepia again…
Aaaahh… but the colors, the bokeh,, the delicate softness that this old lens brings to the game..

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