Canon EOS 6D – Tamron 28-300

A few months ago I saw the above mentioned lens on fleabay, listed as “non-functioning autofocus” but claiming good optics and worked fine with manual focus. At a small fraction of the price of such a lens in excellent shape I decided it’d be worth a gamble. So an offer was made and accepted and the lens was delivered quickly. Well, it turns out that the auto focus DOES work (so far) and the optics are quite decent. So I’ve been playing with the lens a bit. It’s a bit slow at longer zoom lengths, but if care is taken it can deliver some quite decent shots. So yesterday I popped it onto the Canon 6D and carried it to the weekly meeting of the church in order to see if I could get some pictures of the flowers out in front of the meeting place. Here’s a few snaps of the sunflowers and the bees, both European/African hybrids and native stingless bees, working at doing their job.

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