Canon EOS Rebel T1i – Vivitar 70-150mm f3.8 Close Focusing Auto Zoom

That’s a mouthful – even to type it out! Yesterday I grabbed the old T1i, screwed in the Vivitar 70-150 and headed out the front door to see what I can see through this lens and camera body. This is a manual focus zoom made originally for the Konica AR mount. It’s been fitted to a Fotodiox Pro AR-EF adapter and works well with all my Canon DSLR’s. It has some interesting bokeh, including some wild bubble bokeh under the right conditions – such as this first image. Shooting manually, handheld, manual focus, trying for a sharp image of the flowers. It’s a bit soft, but the bubble bokeh is wild! It kind of reminds me of the idea of bunches of white grapes dropped randomly around the image.

This next one has some more of the same. I’ve shot this fungus many times but it still intrigues me. And from my office window sometimes this stub of a branch reminds me of an iguana crawling up the tree. Zoomed in, not so much!

This next one is a different angle on the stub and the fungus. no wild bokeh to be seen.

This next one shows how when the conditions aren’t right, you don’t get nearly the wild bubble effect as when they are, but it’s here a bit more subtly.

And in this one it’s even more subtle.

And, of course, with no backlight there’s none of the bubble bokeh to be seen.

In this final image you can see a slight bubble bokeh effect, but as the backlight was not as bright the effect is much more subtle than the first couple of shots in this series.

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