Is it real – or AI generated?

There’s a lot of artificial intelligence generated images floating around now. And a lot of the stick out like a sore thumb and are easily spotted. But sometimes a real image may be mistaken for such an image. Yesterday I took the Canon 6D to the weekly gathering of the church as I like to see if there are any interesting images to capture before and/or after the meeting. This week I had it paired with a Vivitar 70-150 Close Focus lens that came with an old Konica camera I purchased a while back. I was shooting in the shadow of the building across the street from our meeting area and it was a cloudy day. That’s the only thing that occurs to me as causing this odd color palette in the following photo.

Canon 6D – Vivitar 70-150 Close Focus – SS 1/250 – f/11 or f/8 – ISO 400

Even though the colors look suspect, they are what the camera/lens combination captured. The image is, for all intents and purposes, SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) as no retouching was done, only resizing for publication and my watermark. The reason for the title of this post is that I put it up as my header picture on FB, and a friend mentioned how “artificial” it appeared to him. So I explained more about it to him. And when I took the picture, I’d NO idea it was of an “occupied flower”. Check out this little guy head down in the middle of the flower!

Canon 6D – Vivitar 70-150 Close Focus – SS 1/250 – f/11 or f/8 – ISO 400 – cropped to 1196 wide and resized to 1500 wide

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