Canon 6D – For the birds

A while back we put a small bird bath in place across the street from my office window. It’s just an old catch plate from a potted plant. There is an old palm tree stump that someone cut down so we leveled it up a bit and then attached the plate with a screw and a rubber grommet to seal it and we try to keep water in it, rinsing it out regularly to keep mosquitos from using it as a breeding ground. We get a considerable number of birds of different breeds that come and use it for drinking and/or bathing. Here’s a few of our recent visitors.

I’m not sure what this first one is, at first I thought it was one of our little oxblood doves, but he’s obviously NOT a dove once you zoom in and take a closer look.

One of our ground doves came in with a big intimidation display.

The little brown guy wasn’t impressed.

This wild canary wasn’t intimidated either. He came right in and got busy drinking.

The dove took off and another canary came to join the fun. Many folks complain about this 75-300 lens, but other than being a bit “slow” in comparison to some lenses, stopped down to f11 as in these pics it’s not that big of a deal.

I think it’s pretty obvious why we have to top up the bird bath a couple times a day!

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