Helios 44 58mm f/2 on the T6s

A while back I picked up a used Canon EOS Rebel T6s for my lovely bride to use. It’s the “most modern” DSLR in our stable of cameras and she has it handy for taking pics of hummingbirds and other creatures of interest that appear outside her office window. However, it ALSO is quite handy for traveling and has some advantages over my older cameras. So since we were going to spend a few days with her parents I packed it up with a selection of lenses and took it along. Here are a few snaps captured via the Zenit Helios 44 58mm f/2 lens. I kind of regret not taking the 44-6 lens as well, but there’s only so much room in the camera bag!

I saw these lovely flowers and the sun was super bright and harsh, but I snapped a few anyway, but wasn’t really satisfied. Later when I went by they were all gone! Apparently they bloom in the morning and by late afternoon they close or otherwise disappear!!!
I’m not sure what fruit this is, but found it hiding in the foliage of a tree along the way to the grocery store.
This one was actually captured with the Sakar 28mm f/2.8 lens in the OM-EOS EF adapter. All the other pics (including the other orchid pictures) were taken with the Helios 44.
We have these same flowers at home – but the foliage is different.

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