Flowers of New York City

A few weeks ago we had occasion to visit New York City. We’d been in the state previously, and even drove through part of the city late in the last century, but never had gone on “into town”. But my wife’s an English teacher and often her students want to talk about NYC so she wanted to “see for herself” although we both knew we’re not into that sort of thing for the most part. So our son drove us to NJ where we left the vehicle parked and took the train on into town. Got off and started our perambulations. It was, as expected, a place full of concrete, asphalt, glass, steel, pollution, crowds and other blights on the earth. BUT, to my surprise, there was a surprising amount of floral presence as well. Below are some of the snaps captured during our visit to “the Big Apple”, the part I mostly enjoyed.

The camera used was my wife’s Canon EOS Rebel T6s and the lenses were either a Tamron EF 28-300 or a Canon EF-S 24mm. I switched back and forth so some were captured with one lens, some with the other.

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